About the workshop


What makes a great vocal performance? Is it great pitch? Impressive high notes? Riffs and runs? Or simply the ability to connect to a song and express emotion? In this workshop we will focus on both technique and interpretation and provide you with tools to help you become the best singers you can be!


Michael Hajduk, musical theatre artist and certified voice teacher.

For more information please visit: singingteacher.eu




1hr individual voice lesson / person

All lessons will be open for observation by the workshop participants.

+ 4hr group classes:

Vocal technique

Two fundamental principles of good voice production and how to apply them instantly to singing in any style.

1. Proper balance between airflow and cord closure.

In order to make a sound your vocal cords close then air comes up from your lungs and sets them in motion, producing pitch. Most vocal problems occur as a result of an imbalance between airflow and cord closure: too much or too little air, too much or too little closure for the sound you are trying to produce. Find out what it feels like to have the right coordination!

2. Correct vowels and consonants.

The sound created by your vocal cords is then amplified/shaped in your mouth, nasal cavities and pharynx where it turns into speech (vowels and consonants). However, singing is more demanding than speech simply because we often sing higher and louder than we speak. That is why the way we shape our vowels and consonants is so important in singing!

Acting for singers

In this workshop we will concentrate on what really matters: connecting to the song and expressing emotion. We will do exercises to increase your awareness of the basic emotions the audience can perceive during a performance and play games that will encourage you to let go and unleash the stage beast inside you!


All classes are held in English.